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Generative Art (w/Face Swaps!) Lifetime Deal 🤖 SUPERMACHINE

Generative Art (w/Face Swaps!) Lifetime Deal 🤖 SUPERMACHINE


Step into the world of AI art generation with Super Machine, an innovative tool that converts text and drawings into remarkable artworks. Take advantage of AppSumo’s early Black Friday 2023 sale for a lifetime access to this cutting-edge technology.

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Demystifying Generative Art with Super Machine

Super Machine simplifies the concept of generative art, making it accessible to all. It’s powered by stable diffusion, an open-source initiative that leverages community-contributed models for creating diverse artistic styles.

Creating Art Made Easy

No need for high-end PCs; Super Machine manages all the processing. Choose from a variety of models for different art styles like pixel art or portrait photography.

Simple and Effective Prompting

Art creation is simplified with Super Machine. Choose a model, provide a prompt, and watch the AI craft your art. The Magic Prompt and Prompt Guide features help refine your artistic vision.

Advanced Customization

Explore advanced settings in Super Machine for precise control over your art. Understand how seed images, steps, and samplers can influence your artwork’s outcome.

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Learning from Other Artists

Gain insights from a portfolio of generated art. Use existing prompts as a starting point or for inspiration to create unique pieces.

Interactive Tools for Enhanced Art

Super Machine offers tools like canvas modification and new image generation for endless creative possibilities.

Innovative Features: Background Removal and Face Swap

Experience Super Machine’s advanced background removal and face swap features, perfect for adding a creative twist to your images.

Maximizing Your Creativity with Credits

Super Machine’s credit system is designed for efficiency. Learn how to best use your 1000 monthly credits to fuel your artistic endeavors.

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Super Machine is more than an AI tool; it’s a portal to the world of AI-generated art. It caters to artists of all levels, offering a unique and intuitive platform for exploring generative art.

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