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🔥 Breaking News: Kissmetrics Lifetime Deal on AppSumo! 🚀

🔥 Breaking News: Kissmetrics Lifetime Deal on AppSumo! 🚀


Discover Kissmetrics, a powerful analytics tool created by SEO superstar Neil Patel, now available on AppSumo. Understand why this tool might be the next big thing in analytics, surpassing even Google Analytics.

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Unveiling Kissmetrics: A Comprehensive Overview

Explore Kissmetrics, an analytics platform that offers in-depth insights into website performance. Learn about its origins from Neil Patel and how it has evolved to become a key player in the analytics space.

Affordable Pricing and AppSumo Deals

Find out about the incredible value Kissmetrics offers, especially with AppSumo’s special pricing. Compare the features and benefits of different tiers, from the silver plan to the more advanced gold plan.

Easy Setup and Integration

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Kissmetrics into your website. Understand the simple steps required for installation, including the addition of a JavaScript snippet for comprehensive tracking.

Tracking and Analytics Features

Delve into the core functionalities of Kissmetrics, such as event tracking and real-time analytics. Discover how Kissmetrics assigns unique IDs to track visitor behavior and site interactions effectively.

Advanced Event Tracking

Understand the nuances of event tracking with Kissmetrics, including setting up custom events and analyzing user interactions on your website.

Exploring Tracked Properties

Learn about the various tracked properties in Kissmetrics, ranging from browser type to device category, and how they can provide deeper insights into your audience.

Metrics and Populations: In-depth Analysis

Discover how Kissmetrics metrics and populations features allow for a detailed analysis of user behavior and segmentation for targeted marketing strategies.

Interactive Reporting and Dashboard Customization

Explore the reporting capabilities of Kissmetrics, including customizable dashboards and scheduled reports for an at-a-glance view of your website’s performance.


Understand why Kissmetrics might be a game-changer in your analytics arsenal, especially with the affordable deal offered by AppSumo.

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